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Specialized Master Degree

Specialized Master Degree in Company Creation and Entrepreneurship


After 14 years, the Specialized Master Degree® in Company Creation and Entrepreneurship does no longer exist in that form. A work is currently being conducted to bring the focus back to the exploration of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial with a technological content issues.

Innovation becomes intrinsic, in the exploratory approach as well as the technological content.

The new model will also become more open to a wider public.

The situation since the Master Degree creation

  • 107 creations since its launch
  • 54 creations coming from the Specialized Master Degree
  • 33 creations from the engineer cycle (Centrale Lille, Ig2I, Iteem)
  • 15 Drop-outs
  • 5 Failures

To help professionals to realize their business project or their business development and to validate their entrepreneurial capabilities, these are the targets set by the three major schools of the region Nord Pas de Calais, through this Specialized Master.

The Ecole Centrale de Lille, the Ecole Nationale des Arts et Industries Textiles de Roubaix and the Ecole des Mines de Douai have combined their efforts to bring together the tools and methods which will facilitate the implementation of projects.

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