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12 student associations have turned to sustainable development.

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Centrale Lille has been committed since 2008 to a proactive policy in favour of sustainable development. In its 2010-2013 4-year plan, Centrale Lille officially adopted Social and Environmental Responsibility (RSE). In order to fully accomplish this, the Sustainable Development Committee set up a phase of dialogue with the whole Centrale Lille community, leading to the creation of an initial strategy—“Agenda 21”. This programme is composed of several action plans which commit the School to initiatives at different levels and allow everyone to play a leading role.

Indeed, as a Higher Education institute, the School has to set an example, particularly for its students which it trains on a daily basis to be responsible engineers.

This approach to sustainable development commits it to:

- Reducing its carbon footprint
- Training responsible engineers
-  Making a collective effort

Here are a few examples of activities already carried out or being carried out :

1/ Reducing the carbon footprint

- Installing a console to analyze the electricity used on our different sites
- Reducing heat energy consumption by optimizing the heating system and improving building insulation
- Reducing electricity consumption for lighting and computers
- Reducing consumption of drinking water, especially when used to cool down certain machines
- Optimizing and reducing paper consumption
- Etc.

2/ Training responsible engineers

- Increasing the number of conferences and external teachers linked to Sustainable Development
- Integrating a thought-provoking dimension on sustainable development into all lessons taught and raising awareness among the students
- Increasing the teaching possibilities on Sustainable Development
- Developing more partnerships with companies working in the area of Sustainable Development

3/ Making a collective effort

-  Holding regular events on the theme of Sustainable Development, such as Sustainable Development Week
- Developing a policy of eco-responsible purchasing
- Pursuing programmes in place in our region in order to show our desire to play a leading role in integration and social awareness – “Pourquoi pas moi?” (« Why not me? »), Cordées de la réussite (« Lift up to Success »), Parcours Réussite (« Path to Success »), IGER (“Grandes Ecoles Intitiatives to Success”), Lille des réussites (« Lille Success »), so many activities that the Ecole Centrale de Lille is committed to!

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